Did “old time” service and craftsmanship go out with potbellied stoves?

Not at Lakewood Furnace Co.!

Has the day of fine craftsmanship past?  Not at Lakewood Furnace Co.  We give the same careful workmanship we gave back in 1914 when our business was new.  Equipment comes and goes – but Lakewood Furnace’s attention and care for your needs has remained firm as a rock in these years of constant change.  It’s a comforting thought.


We provide you with today’s best – the most dependable, most technically advanced equipment available, and install and maintain it with “old time” care.  Lakewood Furnace knows that it usually takes no longer to do the job right (the first time) than to do it improperly.  It’s the kind of thing you thought went out with potbellied stoves!

Our line of equipment includes gas and electric furnaces, gas boilers for steam or hot water systems, air conditioners, heat pumps, humidifiers, air cleaners, water heaters, zone control systems, heat recovery ventilators and programmable thermostats.  We are well prepared to supply, design and install duct work and registers for any air handling application.  We will be pleased to supply you with any individual heating or cooling item you may require or we will supply a total environmental control system for your home, office, plant or commercial building.

We know you want to save money and we are precisely equipped to help you do just that.  Not sell you the cheapest system we can, but provide you with a system that will, over the years, provide you with the least TOTAL OWNERSHIP COSTS.  That is, our representatives will evaluate your needs, as you describe them to us, and put together a system especially designed for you which considers the operating costs and service requirements for the life of the equipment.  These two items – operating costs and service costs – account for MORE of your Total Expense than does the original cost of the new equipment.  In the long run, our systems will prove to be the most economical.  Our 100 Years  years of experience enables us to say this with confidence.

To make such judgments, we employ skilled technicians with a thorough knowledge of their trade supporting them with capable engineering and service personnel.  This enables us to select the combination of equipment precisely suited to your individual needs. Such custom matching of system to need is essential since equipment, like people, react differently under different circumstances.  The collective knowledge of our company is as much a part of any system we propose as the thermostat.

Our staff is ready to assist you with any problem you may be experiencing and provide you with information in order to help you make an intelligent decision.  Our long experience places us in an especially good position to answer your questions on energy concerns and to advise you on conservation measures.

To assure your complete satisfaction, everything we sell is installed and serviced by our own people!  We do not sub-let work.